Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cold with dead batteries

Drove out to the property yesterday just to finish a few things for the year and take some pix here and there but unfortunately both sets of camera batteries were dead. So. Imagine my field (which is in front of the garden areas) like this, but with the grass mainly brown with patchy white (for snow) and with a clear view of the road at the end because All The Leaves Are Gone (cue music to the Mamas and Papas).

Here are my impressions.

It was cold. And windy. And brown. Snow on the ground here and there. Winter has definitely arrived. I drained and stored the rain barrels after first punching through about an inch of ice, then cut an armful of year old dogwood sprouts. They're perfect - last winter I cut down a whole bush and this year dozens of new shoots came up - some as high as three or four feet. I cut down about 3/4 of them (never wanted a bush in that spot but it came with the property) for winter urns back in Toronto. Forgot to bring back pine boughs though...

I'm going to start doing that with a bunch of dogwood - I guess it's red Osier - next year so that every winter I have a supply of beautiful red and straight branches to decorate with.

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