Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sunday, April 29, 2012
Finished the spring clean up this weekend.  Daffs are still blooming, tulips about midway through their season; the spice-bush - a Viburnum of some kind, is starting to bloom having escaped the deer this past winter.  Everything seems to be about two weeks behind Toronto - lilac flower buds are still tight while blooms are starting in Toronto.  Serviceberry has yet to flower while those on my street in the city have just about finished. 

It's weird having had such a dry winter - no flooding, very dry surface soil in parts of the property...they've had a bit of rain though - my rain barrels are almost full.  Here's a few shots - the corner garden waiting for the iris and peony to bloom and some daffs.  My camera battery ran out before I could get a shot of the new mound garden - where the tulips are in full bloom.  Next week - perhaps the iris will be out by then.

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