Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011 in the County

I was able to start the spring clean-up this Easter weekend - April 23 - 25. Lots of rain though and much of the land is still flooded - I forgot to bring my wellies and could only get to part of the garden. Not much winter damage at all - my lovely new Viburnum was eaten away - there's only a half dozen new shoots, including just two flowers buds. Deer, I assume; maybe rabbits. About three quarters of one of the new Bridalwreath Spirea is also eaten away but that appears to be it.
Here's the Viburnum:

My main project this weekend was to continue to clear away buckthorn - this time from near the front of the driveway. Managed a lot, and by doing so was able to create space for two Pagoda Dogwoods (two footers that self seeded in my Toronto garden) and a tiny Blue Spruce - a gift from a friend. Here's the after shots - the trees with the plastic trunk protectors are two Lilacs, an Umbrella Magnolia and a Cucumber Magnolia - both started from seed four years ago, transplanted last spring to the County - looks like they survived their first rural winter!

Here are a few flower shots - the early dwarf daffs, early tulip - didn't get a shot of the bloodroot but it's there too!

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