Saturday, January 24, 2009

A cold cold January

Drove out to the County today - everything is as it should be. It was clear and crisp. Not too many critter tracks in the snow, which gives me hope for the Corkscrew Hazel which, for the past three years, has privded spring and winter salad for rabbits. Last fall I tied some Buckthorn rnahces around the hazel so I'm hoping this will deter the rabbits. Here's a picture where you may disceren the Hazel from the Buckthorn.

One thing I love about winter is how ornamental grasses stand out. Here's a switch grass that'll hold its shape until I take the shears to it in April. I have a number of Calamagrostis x acutiflora Karl Foerster and they seem to vary in attractiveness year to year depending on moisture and, possibly, soil. This swithgrass stays the same year after year though, and I love it.

This other clump of grass, on the right, even gets bigger year after year with no extra attention at all.

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